Funtime and Learning with Baby Hazel Games Online

It is hard to find some games that would keep your toddler occupied for a while until you complete your chores around the house. For this reason, I am sure that you browsed the internet a while until you came across this article. Here, I want to tell you a few things about some of the most popular girl games at this time, baby Hazel Games.

Baby Hazel Games are famous for what they express and teach your girls. When playing these games, your child will learn how to behave like a mother, how to take care of a young child, and how to please its needs in the best way possible. The aim of the game is to keep Hazel happy, during the game play, and for this, you will see the “Happy” bar in the upper corner. This will tell you when Hazel is Happy and when she is not. When the Happy level drops under the line, you will lose the game and will have to restart it.


Hazel is an adorable baby. Mom needs help to take care of her and to keep her happy. When playing Baby Hazel games, you will have to attend Hazel’s full needs such as changing diapers, feeding and playing with her. In the same time, you need to be quite quick to fulfill her needs because the happy level drops pretty quickly.

You do not have to worry that these Baby hazel Games are difficult for your 4 year old. In fact, this is the age range that was meant for these games. A game is played simply with the mouse. By following Hazel’s indications, you will be able to finish the game from start to end in a successful manner.

Fortunately, your little child will not get bored when playing these games, since the selection is wide and numerous. There are so many games available, and each one of them have Hazel as its main character, that there is no possible way to get bored that quickly. When a game is no longer what you need, move to the next one, and then to the next one, and so on and so forth.

For example, you can start with a simple game such as changing Hazel’s diapers. Here, you will be taught how to do this procedure, starting with removing the old diapers, using wet tissues to clean Hazel, and then, add a new diaper. As I mentioned above, during this time, Hazel will tell you what to do and when to do it.

Afterwards, you can move to things that are more complicated such as cooking a pizza, gardening, or preparing homework. As you can see, these Baby Hazel Games can turn out to be pretty entertaining and engaging while your child can learn so many new and useful things. The most important one is that they will teach your child what it means to act like an adult and take good care of a little baby, what are the mother’s responsibilities and the child’s needs.


Top Baby Hazel Games to Play Online

There are so many online games available, that it is hard for you to pick one to play along with your little child. As you know, children enjoy playing games online, and since this cannot be avoided, you might as well try to offer them something educational and informative. For this reason, you should try to give them top baby hazel games to play.


Baby Hazel Games are a series of games, which display little Hazel, a blonde girl with hazel eyes, always smiling and joyful. However, the main purpose of these games is to make Hazel happy while fulfilling her needs. I am sure that, at the first sight, you will not think about these games as being educational and engaging. In fact, they teach your little child how to handle real-life situations and problems.

Hazel gets engaged in various situations, actually day-to-day situations, and you, as a player, have to help her accomplish her goal. For this, all you have to do is to stick to the indications Hazel is suggesting and you will be just fine.  During this time, you need to pay attention to the happiness level displayed in the left upper corner. When Hazel starts crying, you have to make her happy. However, if you cannot manage to do this, Hazel will continue crying and the game will end, and you will have to start all over.

I know that this not might seem very interesting, but, in fact, it is quite informative. If you play Baby hazel games along with your 5-year old, you will see that there are plenty of things to learn. For example, when brushing teeth with Hazel before preparing her to bed, you will see that Hazel shows how you can brush your teeth correctly, when to apply floss or mouthwash.

In the same manner, your little girl of boy will learn how to take care of the injured leg, how to plant flowers and how to clean her room. Baby Hazel Games are educational, funny, engaging, as well as informative. You will see that there are so many interesting things to learn along with Hazel, while you have fun.


The good thing is that there are so many baby hazel games available, that you will not get bored very quickly. When you do not like a game anymore, you can easily choose another one, and then another one, and so on. Baby Hazel games are meant both for boys and girls and they can be played online, on a computer or a tablet.

I am sure that you will be able to perform chores around the house when your little child plays baby hazel games. In this way, both of you will be engaged into something interesting. In addition, when your child faces difficulties, you should be there to explain him each thing.

Baby hazel Games can be easily played with the mouse, and in some cases with left-right arrows, which make them pretty simple and easy, suitable for a 4-year old or a 7-year old boy or girl. Search for online baby hazel games to play with your toddler completely free of charge.

Short Introduction to Baby Hazel Character

All of you with little children around the house must be familiar with all those popular baby hazel games for kids. After all, there are thousands of games available all over the internet, but since children are quite picky, it is hard to find games that they enjoy, at least for a short while.


In this respect, the latest trend is related to baby hazel games. These top baby games have gained the attention of young girls and boys and their popularity is increasing proportionally with their number. Fortunately, if you are afraid your little girl will get bored playing these games, do not worry. There are enough baby hazel games to play until your child will be 14.



Now, perhaps you wonder who Baby Hazel is. Let me just clarify things a little bit for you. As the name might suggest, baby hazel is a little angelic girl, with an amazing blonde hair and big hazel eyes. Hazel is adorable playing the main part in a variety of situations.

The player’s role is to help the mother taking care of Hazel, while she performs the daily tasks. You will be changing diapers, brushing her hair, taking her to the bathroom, play in the yard, take her to the doctor, etc. basically, the player will be Hazel’s mother and tutor while dealing with the everyday life.



Hazel has plenty of activities to deal each day, and each game is named after the activity you need to do. For example, Baby Hazel Gardening is about all the tasks you will have to do during the gardening time. You will have to help Hazel plant flowers, vegetables, water them, and afterwards, you will have to harvest them. However, everything is a lot easy since Hazel will direct you through everything. The little blonde girl will give suggestions with everything you need to do, one at a time.

The purpose of the game is mainly to maintain a high level of happiness while you do what Hazel asks. If you do not complete the task in time, Hazel will start to cry and you will lose the game.


If you ask me, these top baby games are more than useful in the development of a young child, especially since they are mostly educational. I mean, there are entertaining and engaging, but in the same time, your little boy or girl can easily learn so many useful things such as taking care of a small child, how a mother passes through a daily routine and so on. Since there are so many games available, with different topics, it is plenty of time for your little child to learn everything related to the things a baby needs.


Therefore, when you do not know what else to do to entertain your 4-year old, maybe such baby hazel games can prove to be a good solution. I am sure that, for an hour or two, your little child will be entertained by the little Hazel and her friends through her amazing adventure in the everyday life.

Caring Experiences with Engaging Baby Hazel

For those of you who have a kid or two, I am sure that you are all familiar with all those games designed for your children. In this respect, the internet is full of engaging games, interactive ones as well as some interesting games. However, most little girls enjoy acting like an adult and, fortunately, there are plenty of games who allow them to do that.

As a matter of fact, this is what you will get here. We offer a wide variety of games for your little girl to choose from while she experiences a lot of new things regarding taking care and entertaining a baby.


Here, we offer you plenty of baby hazel games to choose from. Hazel games are actually some of the top games available at this time, which are more than suitable to keep your little girl occupied while you deal with other things. We offer you fresh Baby Hazel games for you each day.

In case you do not know, baby Hazel is a sweet little baby who wants you to help her in the early adventures where you can learn a lot of new things. It is worth mentioning the fact that the game will require Adobe Flash Player and it takes only a few seconds to load.


Since it is a little baby, Hazel is unable to do a lot of things on her own; therefore, this is what you will need to do. First of all, you will have to take good care of her, feed her, bathe her, and tuck her in bed each time. Basically, each game has a goal you will have to achieve, but do not worry because Hazel will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to succeed.

As I told you earlier, the main character of these top games is Hazel, a little girl with hazel eyes, who is actually smart and wants to learn as much as possible from the everyday experiences and situations. With Hazel, you will have to build houses, engage in shopping sessions as well as craft making. If you fail to achieve these goals, she starts to cry since she is quite impatient.

The little girl requires a special care, and if you take each game at a time, you will be able to make her happy, and you will be skilled to play amazing new stories related to the nursery experiences.

These baby Hazel games are meant to teach young children to become a caring person. As you may imagine, when your little girl learns how to take care of a small baby, to prepare the bed for her, to shower it as well as to deal with her personal hygiene, I am sure that she will grow into a very dedicated and detail-oriented young girl.

With the help of such top baby games, a child will easily learn how to become more responsible, more caring with others as well as with his or her person. Baby Hazel is not just a game character, but she is a human with feelings, responsibilities, and emotions while reacting to everything that surrounds around her.


In case you want to give some good baby hazel games to your child to play in her free time, you can choose between a mixture of interesting top games under different categories such as cooking, make up, dress up, makeover, decorating, animal, puzzle, sports, and the mentioned caring games. Pick a game and let the story flow. Hazel will be directing you through the daily tasks and goals.

Perhaps parents are concerns about these games if they are suitable for their little children. Do not worry because the website is completely safe for your kids, as well as for your computer. Each game is reviewed and tested, and only afterwards is published on the site. In the same time, it is worth mentioning the fact that all Baby hazel games are free to play. You will not have to pay anything to play our top baby games.

Feel free to try out all displayed baby Hazel games and prepare to take an adventure along with Hazel and her big blue eyes. You will learn many new things while you fulfill her daily needs. In fact, in order to make things even interesting, you will have an amount of time for each activity and you must stick to it.

Interesting Baby Hazel Games to Play Online

I am sure that, at one point, you all browsed the internet for some interesting baby games. Not for you, but for your small kid, nephew or cousin. When you do not know what else will calm him down, you decide to search the internet for entertaining activities that would keep him occupied at least for a while.

Fortunately, the internet is full of top baby games that will definite catch your baby’s attention. With a simple online search, you will find some interesting baby hazel games that will definitely be considered interesting by your young child. These games are related to daily situations when a mother has to take care of her young’s baby needs and I am sure that almost all toddlers enjoy such games.


Hazel has become a famous character, especially in the world of the kindergarten. As a matter of fact, Hazel is a small blonde girl with big brown eyes and two small braids who have a lot of needs. Each game is titled and based on her needs, and the player will have to fulfill them. Baby Hazel Games represent different games, which describe different situations in which Hazel is the protagonist. The player will have to help the mother in order to change Hazel’s diapers, to prepare her for kindergarten, feed her, and keep her happy.

Moreover, the two-braided baby will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to make her happy. In the Baby Hazel Feed Hazel episode, the player will have to feed Hazel with milk. Things are not that simple since you gave to sterilize the bottle, warm up the milk and then to give a bottle to Hazel in order to drink it. In the same time, when she is done, you will have to wipe her face with wet wipes. You will have to repeat the process until the level of happiness reached the maximum level.

In another case, in the Baby Hazel Prepare for Pre-school episode, you will have to prepare Hazel for school. Within this episode, you will have to wake Hazel up, to get her dressed, to wash her face, and then feed her. In the end, you will need to prepare her lunch. Each one of these actions will have to be performed one by one, again, while you keep Hazel clean and happy.

Playing these games will definitely keep your youngster entertained, while he will learn a lot of new things on how to deal with reality. He will learn what a small child needs in order to be happy, how to deal with a baby, while acting likes a responsible adult.

As I said above, there are hundreds of Baby Hazel Games to play online for free. When you are bored of playing one episode, feel free to search for another one and another one. In this way, your kind will always be happy and occupied. Honestly, I find these top baby games to be quite educational and engaging, especially for young girls. They love acting as their mothers, and more important, they love pretending as if they are the mothers of a small baby.


However, it is not a rule that these online top baby games are exclusively for little girls. Boys can play these games, as well. As a matter of fact, I am sure that some boys will find it interesting dealing with the responsibility of raising a small baby. If you happen to need some free time to deal with the chores around the house, you can try to make your child play some Baby Hazel games. With some many episodes available, I am sure that he or she will find the one that catches his or her attention.

As a bottom line, if you are interested in finding some interactive top baby games for your little princess or prince, you can easily start an online search for free Baby Hazel Games online. The first three or four results will offer will plenty of games to choose from. Soon, Hazel will become an important part of your child’s life, and yours, as well. The good part with these games is that they are educational and engaging, unlike all those violent shooting and killing games.